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Pop-Pop's Chex Mix More Recipes Like This

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Ingredients: Metric Units
2 c. wheat chex
2 c. corn chex
2 c. rice chex
2 c. cheerios
2 c. pretzel sticks
2 c. cheese nips
1 12oz. can mixed nuts
1 stick (8 Tbsp.) butter
3 scallions, chopped fine
2 cloves garlic, chopped fine
3 1/2 Tbsp. worcestershire sauce
1 Tbsp. salt
A trip to Grandma & Grandpa's wouldn't be complete without a batch of chocolate chip cookies and a big bowl of Pop-Pop's Chex mix.

Measure out cereal (chex, cheerios), pretzel sticks (you want the skinny ones), cheese nips, and mixed nuts into a large bowl. (If your kids are like mine, you can measure out several batches and then throw it into gallon ziplock bags and freeze it for later chex-mix-age.)

Put butter, onion, and garlic in a large roasting pan. Heat in the oven to 250F.

Once the butter has melted, add the worcestershire sauce and salt. Be sure to add this before the cereal: otherwise some pieces of cereal soak up all the worcestershire. Not so good.

Then add the cereal-snack mixture to the pan. Toss to coat. Bake at 250F for 1 hour, stirring every 15 min.

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