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Campground Hot Dogs More Recipes Like This

Ingredients: Metric Units
Hot dogs

Level of Difficulty: Rank Beginner
If you're nervous about your first campground dinner, go with hot dogs. It's dead simple, and most hot dogs are fully cooked which means that even if you undercook them, no one's at risk!

You Will Need:
Heat Source
Grabby tool

Get your heat source ready. Do your best to ensure that your cooking surface is flat. If you're cooking on a picnic table on a slant, that gravity will take charge and roll those dogs right on down the hill and it's cheez whiz crackers for dinner. If you need to, move the picnic table, shim it with a rock, turn it creative.

If you're cooking over a fire, the flames shouldn't be leaping up, just nice predictable coals. Nobody actually likes hot dogs black and crispy; they're just being nice.
If you're cooking with charcoal, wait until the active flames die down and the briquettes turn white.
If you're cooking with a propane stove, have everything close to hand and all set before you light the burner.

If you've just bought your hot dogs from the camp store and they're frozen, don't panic. (It's my number one woodcraft rule: Never Panic.) Heat up some water and boil those dogs until they're squishy. If you miss buying your hot dogs from Hot Dog Wally at Market and High, just throw that thing on a bun and enjoy. Otherwise, remove the water from the stove and put the dogs on the rack or on a griddle to finish up.

On a rack over fire: we like to cook them parallel to the rack so that they don't roll too much - if your site's rack is too widespread, the dogs can fall through, so put them perpendicular in that case.

On a propane stove: have a skillet or a flat griddle. Roll the dogs around over the flame until they're as hot as you want them.

Use your grabby tool to snag the dogs and put them into rolls. Dress with ketchup, mustard, and relish.

A note on condiments: While camping, you don't necessarily want to bring the huge ketchup bottle with you. Stop for lunch on the way at a fast food place and stock up on ketchup packets, mustard packets, and the like.
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