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Campground Grilled Zucchini More Recipes Like This

Outdoor Vegetable recipes

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garlic pepper
After a steady diet of hot dogs and hamburgers, a vegetable is a nice change of pace!

You Will Need:
Heat Source
Sharp knife
Hot Mitt

Get your heat source ready. (Fire up your propane stove or light the charcoal.)

Choose small zucchini, about as long as a new pencil, not the ones as big as your arm. Those big ones? Use them as bats in a pickup game of zucchini baseball.

With a sharp knife, cut the ends off the zucchini. Then slice in half lengthwise. Spread margarine on the cut side of each half. Season liberally with the seasoning salt of your choice. My kids vote for Krazy Salt.

Place cut side down on the griddle. Place griddle on heat. Allow to cook for several minutes, until slightly softened, or until tender to taste. There's no need to flip them. Peek at the underside; it will get browned.
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Contributed on: and modified on Sunday May 16th, 2010