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Ingredients: Metric Units
about 3-5 pounds of wrapped hard candies, the kind with two twisted ends
some really strong thread (like an old spool of crochet thread)
a wreath wire, 10 inches in diameter
a pre-made wreath bow or some wired ribbon for making a wreath bow
some florist wire for tying on bow/hanging wreath
Some sweet holiday cheer to hang on your office door!

Open the bag of candy and dump it into a large container like a stockpot. Sit on a chair and place the wreath between your legs. Cut a long length of thread and tie one end onto the wire. Take three pieces of candy in one hand and place against the wreath wire. Wrap the candies tightly onto the wreath wire.

Take another three candies and repeat, pushing them very close to the first three candies so as to hide the wire. Repeat until the thread is almost done, then tie another thread onto the first one. Repeat all until the wreath is full.

Make bow, if you need to. Tie the bow onto the wreath using the florist wire. Trim the ends to match the wreath. Pull the wire taught and upwards so that it's ready to use as the hanger for the wreath.

Enjoy! -Diana
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Contributed on: and modified on Sunday May 16th, 2010