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Crack Your Own Fresh Coconut More Recipes Like This

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Ingredients: Metric Units
1 coconut

So your number one son saw the pyramid of coconuts in the produce section and said, "They're only $1.99, can we get it?" Now what?

You will need:
an awl, icepick or clean nail
a hammer

Find the three little dots that make the coconut look like a bowling ball. Tap through them with your sharp thing (awl, icepick, clean nail). Drain the liquid inside into a bowl. There will be particulates in it; if you want to use it or drink it, drip it through a coffee filter.

When the coconut is empty, hold it in one hand and tap it with the hammer with the other. Continue to tap and tap and tap until a "fault line" appears. Pull it apart.

To get the coconut meat out, I used a citrus zester. It's a lot of work. Use it in your favorite coconut recipe and serve it to people who really like coconut. Cuz it's a lot of work.

True story - when I was a kid we did up a coconut and used it to make a coconut cream pie. My grandmother was visiting and she just raved about this pie, so my mom gave her the recipe. She tried it at home and was just so disappointed in the results. Mom asked her, "Did you use fresh coconut?" "No, I used the stuff in the bag." "Did you use heavy cream?" "No, I used Dream Whip instead." Well, there you go. Ingredients matter!
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Contributed on: and modified on Monday January 21st, 2008