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Super Simple Chocolate Lollipops More Recipes Like This

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chocolate - melting wafers
I've got to admit, I would roll my eyes when homemade chocolate lollipops came home in Valentine's treat bags. Figured it was a bit over the top, too much work, too much expense. Well, this year I bought the molds. I spent about $5 on supplies - and have about 80 sticks and the molds and a bunch of chocolate left over. It was so quick and easy, I couldn't believe it!

Lay the clean lollipop molds on the counter top. Set out the requisite number of lollipop sticks.

In a pyrex cup or other microwave safe dish, place about 1/2-3/4 c. of chocolate melting wafers (you could use any chocolate I suppose - chips, baking squares, etc. - but the melting wafers come in fancy colors which are fun). Heat on high 1 min., then stir like crazy with a teaspoon. It may need 30 seconds more to be fully melted, or it may be melted at this stage. Use the spoon to spoon the chocolate into the molds.

Lay the stick in the mold in the little channel provided for it and then spin it, so that the chocolate coats the stick - so a little wall of chocolate holds the stick to the rest of the lollipop. Place in the refrigerator 10 min.

After 10 min., gently pop the lollipops from the molds. Place in wrapper bags, secure with a twist-tie. Share and enjoy!
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Contributed on: and modified on Monday February 18th, 2008