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American - Southern Bread recipes

Ingredients: Metric Units
2 1/4 c self rising corn meal
1 c self rising flour
1/2 can beer
2 c buttermilk (maybe less)
1/2 tsp grd blk pepper
3 eggs beaten
2 lg onions, cut in lg pieces
1 c jalapeño pepper in lg pieces
Mix meal, flour, eggs, black pepper, milk. If the batter separates, flattens out when it hits the oil, it's too thin, add more meal/flour. Add onions, jalapeño. Get a small spoon, dip in water (each time). Scrape spoon across top of mixture. When you have a small roll ? index finger, lift, let slide off into oil. It will rise to the top, touch with strainer to turn. Golden brown = done. If too dark before done, then oil too hot. *Never let dipping spoon touch the oil. *Careful with the oil—Ouchness!
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