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Ingredients: Metric Units
1 large marshmallow
1 graham cracker, broken in half
1/2 Hershey chocolate bar

(serves one, scale up as necessary)
Have Mom or Dad start a fire in a firepit or a fireplace.

Wait for the big flames to die down. When the fire is low, put a marshmallow on a skewer. Hold the marshmallow over the heat and wait for it to get puffy and a little golden. (If you burn it and it gets all black and crispy, just peel off the black bits and wait for it to puff up again.)

When your marshmallow is done, lay it on one half of the graham cracker. Top with the candy bar, then with the other graham cracker. Squeeze it a little bit and slide the skewer out.

Tada - it's s'mores!
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Contributed on: and modified on Monday August 20th, 2007