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Baked Buffalo Wings More Recipes Like This

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Ingredients: Metric Units
2 lb. chicken wings
3-4 Tbsp. Tabasco sauce
2 Tbsp sesame seeds (optional)

Serve with
celery ribs
blue cheese dressing
Having a party? Make your own chicken wings just as spicy as you like 'em. And baked, so you can delude yourself into thinkin' it's a healthy choice. It's more healthy than fried, I guess. If you're really slick, you can remove the bones from the double-boned ones and eat 'em boneless. Wicked delicious!

Cut each chicken wing into three pieces - at the joints. You will end up with one like a drumstick, one with two bones, and a tip - discard the tips.

Arrange in a single layer on a broiler pan. Broil 20-30 minutes. Turn several times while broiling. Broil until cooked through - and nice and crispy.

In a large bowl, toss wings with Tobasco and sesame seeds (if you fancy them). Serve with celery sticks and a small bowl of blue cheese dressing.

Honestly, with this method you can make any kind of wings you like - Honey barbeque for the kids, Super Hot diablo for Uncle Jim from New Mexico, the sky's the limit.

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Contributed on: and modified on Sunday May 2nd, 2010