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Recipes similar to Wet Bottom Shoo-Fly Pie

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Shoo-Fly CakePennsylvania Dutch Dessert Tim Grant
Photo attachedOld Time Buttermilk PiePennsylvania Dutch Dessert Gretchen Grant
Colonial Day Molasses CookiesAmerican Dessert Gretchen Grant
Photo attachedRaisin Loaf CakePennsylvania Dutch Bread Gretchen Grant
Angel GingerbreadAmerican Dessert - Cake Diana Bogue
Apple Cider SaucePennsylvania Dutch Sauce Tim Grant
Photo attachedRhubarb Custard PiePennsylvania Dutch Dessert Tim Grant
Photo attachedPumpkin BreadAmerican Bread Gretchen Grant
GingerbreadFamily Dessert Diana Bogue
Cinnamon FlopPennsylvania Dutch Dessert Diana Bogue
Photo attachedApple CakePennsylvania Dutch Dessert Gretchen Grant
Gingerbread MenAmerican Cookie Gretchen Grant
Photo attachedSpice CakePennsylvania Dutch Dessert Gretchen Grant
Tomato Soup Spice Cake Dessert, Cake Gretchen Grant
Photo attachedMom's Swedish GingersSwedish Cookie Gretchen Grant
Salem CakesAmerican Cookie Diana Bogue
Coffee CookiesFamily Dessert Diana Bogue
Tomato Soup CakePotluck Soups Diana Bogue
Whoopie PiesPennsylvania Dutch Dessert, cookie Gretchen Grant
Photo attachedColonial Day Pumpkin BreadAmerican Bread Gretchen Grant
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