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Hot Bacon Dressing More Recipes Like This

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Ingredients: Metric Units
2 hard boiled eggs
3 slices bacon
2 tsp. sugar
1 1/2 tsp. flour
4 tsp. vinegar
3/4 c. cream
You don't get much more Dutchy than this. Toss with lettuce to serve. Even salad can be really bad for you.

Use an egg slicer to chop eggs.

In a skillet, fry bacon until crispy. Remove to paper towels to cool. When cool, crumble.

To the bacon drippings, add sugar and flour. Stir over low heat. Stir in vinegar. (And step back, the fumes can be pungent.) Stir in cream. Or use milk if you're watching fat. Hah! Just my little joke.

Toss together hard boiled egg, bacon, lettuce and still warm dressing. Serve immediately.
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