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Dandelion Greens More Recipes Like This

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Dandelion greens

IMPORTANT: Make sure you know what exactly is a dandelion plant so you don't poison yourself or something!
Also, once the dandelions have flowered, the leaves become unpalatably bitter.
Select dandelion greens early in the spring while they are still very pale in color. Wash them thoroughly and trim the roots.

Cook in 1/4 inch boiling salted water. Cook uncovered for 1 minute or until wilted.

Stir, continue to cook, covered, until tender. Drain. Season with butter, salt, pepper and vinegar (tastes just like spinach!). Or, serve it raw as a salad.

Enjoy! -Diana

Editor's note
You may not know that dandelions, the bane of suburban dads everywhere, are not native to our country, but were imported by the Pennsylvania Dutch, specifically so they could eat them either like this or with Bacon Dressing. Thing is, I don't rightly expect they thought dandelions would take off as they have.
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