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Gretchen’s Cookbook - Superbowl Food


Touchdown! Superbowl Sunday Extravaganza

It's Superbowl time again, when Americans pause in their busy lives to take time out for television. And also football.

Know your timing

Happily, the NFL provides a handy Superbowl Countdown Clock to aid in your party planning.

Plan Your Strategy

When planning your menu, do an end run around dishes that require last-minute preparation or split-second timing. Draft "make ahead" and "serve yourself" and enjoy the game. Or the commercials. Whichever you're into.

Home Field Advantage

Make the most of regional cuisines - there's almost always three to choose from: good guys, bad guys, and hosting stadium. If New Orleans ever makes it to the Show, laissez bons temps roulez, and oh, we will feast! Who dat!

Keep It Simple

Get assorted hoagies (or heroes or grinders or subs or po-boys) from your local joint and slice them into handful-sized portions. Set out a bowl of chips and your favorite salsa. Order a tray of pretzels from the Pretzel Factory. Or a couple pizzas from your favorite joint. A bag of pretzels, a sixer of beer, and thou... Not as poetic, but probably more fitting to the season.

First Quarter: Appetizers

Here are a few ideas for rounding out your menu.

Halftime: Dig In

On the Fifty Yard Line

Chili Recipes: Chili is a part of Superbowl like turkey is a part of Thanksgiving. Well, almost.

Of course, there are other things to place on the fifty-yard line, so to speak...

On the Sidelines

Fourth Quarter: The Sweet Taste of Victory - Dessert
After the Game

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